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        Introduction and Application of Servo Motor Electric Cylinder

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        Introduction and Application of Servo Motor Electric Cylinder

        Release date:2016-12-08 Author: Click:

        As the lack of labor in coastal areas is becoming more and more serious, which indirectly promote the development of electric cylinders, especially in the automation began to penetrate every corner of the manufacturing industry, in different equipment research and development and transformation, the development of electric cylinder The purpose is to get the way to replace the increasingly labor force. In the three major series, the current use of a wide range of two kinds of specifications: one is the Japanese regulations, the other is the European regulations.

        The electric cylinder is a modular product designed by integrating the servo motor and the screw. The rotary motor of the servo motor is converted into linear motion, and the servo motor is the best advantage - precise speed control, precise speed control and precise torque control into - precise speed control, precise position control, precise thrust control; to achieve high precision linear motion series of new revolutionary products.

        Electric cylinder applications

        1, the entertainment industry: robot arm and joints, such as dynamic seats.

        2, the military industry: simulated aircraft, simulation and so on.

        3, the automotive industry: presses, test equipment, and so on.

        4, the industrial sector: food machinery, ceramic machinery, welding machinery, lifting platform.

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